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Docments available for download

On this page some overview brochures about the i-Log series are available for download as well as the latest software. For details about products please contact the GeoPrecision Homepage.

Software GP-Shell2/GP5W-Shell and CSView/CSView online

GP5W-Shell is required to access our i-Log and m-Log data loggers. CSView is an easy-to-use graphical tool for analysing the data. Both tools can export the data in the de facto standard CSV.

Please note: CSView is also available as 'online' Version for generating dynamically online graphs, as used in our FlexGate portal.

All tools are freely available, no additional costs for the source codes and scripts!

CSView - (Click to enlarge)
CSView - (Click to enlarge)

i-Log GW 2"

i-Log GW

i-Log BUS 2"

i-Log BUS 2