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FlexGate Portal

FlexGate Portal - Map View and List View

The FlexGate Portal is a complete software solution to manage any number of devices, from one to several hundreds.

List View is quick overview (tables and graphs) for a list of devices.

Map View is a complete and full functional sample implementation of a typical "mashup" application, using Google Maps ("mashup" is a shortcut for "mash it up").

The Flexgate Portal is completely free. All source codes are included with any i-Log (also soon available for download) and may be modified as liked (e.g. for direct integration in GIS systems or for accessing own databases). The FlexGate Portal requires only minimum resources: an Internet Domain, PHP 4/5 and some CGI scripts and can be installed in a few minutes. No database is required (transferred data are only stored for a certain time (e.g. 6 months) and are available in the commonly used CSV format). The communication is bidirectional, so it is easy to change any logger's parameters right from your desktop.

FlexGate Portal