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Welcome to FlexGate; by GeoPrecision

GeoPrecision is proud to present the i-Log GPRS data logger series, a new generation of data loggers with direct Internet access.

Using the (mobile) Internet for transferring data is probably the most convenient way of getting your data „right on your desktop". Even more, this technology allows worldwide „quasi-online-monitoring" systems. Hence the i-Log is a true state-of-the-art technology. Our systems use GPRS technology to transfer the collected data periodically to or over the Internet (GPRS is a service of the regular GSM network).

The GPRS concept

The systems have been designed for ultra low power consumption: a highly sophisticated energy management ensures, that the devices will work very long times, even if the data are transferred quite often. For example the i-Log GW 2" for monitoring ground water levels: this system fits in regular 2" tubes. With 4 measures per hour and daily data transfer, it will work 3 years or more with one battery pack (2 standard Alkaline D-cells).

Using the Internet is user friendly and inexpensive. The transmission costs are very low in most countries (in Germany and China daily transfer for less than 1 EUR/Month is possible (9/2007)). In contrast to „traditional" GSM technology, the user does not have to cope with „time slots" and old-fashioned modem racks. The data simply come by itself! Even if up to 500 devices send their data at the same time, this is no problem at all, because the Internet has extremely high capacities.

On the user side our Software from GeoPrecision re-assembles the received packets to get a continuous data file. Optimised for further data processing and analysis. The i-Log have been designed for very reliable operation. If a transmission fails, the device will repeat it. One of our most important design goals have been, that no data is lost, even in the worst conditions.

The transmission of the data is bidirectional. This means, the i-Flex can not only send data, it may also receive new parameters and synchronise itself to the precise Internet time.

Please download our brochures and visit the GeoPrecision Homepage for further information.