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Products: m-Log, Infrared and Radio Transmission

The m-Log series

These mini data loggers have been designed for rugged outdoor usage, hence they are IP68 water proof. The loggers are available with different types of sensors:

Installing M-Logs in the Alps M-Log advertisement
Installation of M-Logs in the Alps
M-Log wireless 433 MHz

Very high accuracy Platinum PT1000 temperature sensor (accuracy better then 0.1°C at 0°, resolution 0.01°C). This device comes with several types of sensors: rugged cable versions, metal protected infeed or as special version for „Permafrost" monitoring (scientific projects, monitoring frozen ground).

The loggers are available in 2 different version: with Infrared data transmission and with radio transmission. Especially the radio transmission is very convinient and user friendly. Both systems use ultra low power technologies, hence battery life is up to 10 years (for the radio version). Nevertheles the logger is designed to respond to user access within less than 2 seconds!

Models are available for Temperature (PT1000), Thermistor strings, Air Humidity/Temperature