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Products: Thermistor strings

The Thermistor strings

This is a variant of the m-Log mini data loggers.

m-Log Thermistor string 5 sensors on a 5 mtr. cable One sensor, diameter is 6 mm m-Log Thermistor chain with connectors (IP68)
The m-Log Thermistor string

m-Log Thermistor string: this very small logger has up to 10 high precision digital temperature sensors connected on a single cable (IP68) with a length up to 10 meters. The sensors have a typical accuracy of better then 0.2°C at 20°C and excellent long term stability. The range is from -55°C to +125°C with a resolution of 0.06°C. This version is optimised for monitoring temperature profiles.

Special versions are available for up to 32 sensors and lengths up to 50 meters.